I smoked a pack a day for almost 10 years. I loved cigarettes. Loved them! Everyone around me was trying to quit smoking. At work and home. One day I tried a puff of my mother in laws vape pen she bought from VAPE PEN MARKET. That was it for me! I started cutting down on cigarettes and reaching for the vape more and more. I found a couple of good flavors that complimented my coffee (which I drink constantly). The next thing I knew, I didn’t even consider smoking a cigarette! It’s been 10 months since my last cigarette. Amazing! Now when I smell cigarettes, it’s nasty! I constantly apologize to my daughter for having smelled like butts all the time before. Consequently, my wife has quit smoking as well. Her story is similar to mine. We love vaping. Trying different juices, saving money, and feeling better. Not smelling like a smashed ***hole is a plus too. Vape on my people. I recommend VAPE PEN MARKET for anyone trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

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