I am not a smoker. The love of my life was. He smoked since he was of legal age until his 50’s. Since I have been with him, we have tried everything available to help him stop. Cold turkey, patches, gum, lozenges, hypnosis, ridiculously priced and horrible side effect prescription pills. You name it, we tried it for two decades. He even tried the cigar-like vapes in 2011. Nothing worked. He gave vaping a try again in 2017 with a closed pod system (like Juul) he got from VAPE PEN MARKET and moved to an open pod system. The open pod system worked as he was able to pick his own flavors and nicotine levels. The first week on the closed pod system had him down to half a pack after being a pack and sometimes two packs daily. He dual used for about three weeks, still having no more than 3 traditional cigarettes a day. Then he put up his smokes and went 100% vape. A short time later, he lowered his nicotine levels. It’s the sweet fruit flavor that has helped him get this far. Off cigarettes and lower nicotine levels. He can’t even smoke anymore as it is repulsive to him. Our goal is to have him nicotine free by the end of the year and hopefully vape free too. Thanks, VAPE PEN MARKET for saving the love of my life.

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