I started smoking cigarettes when I was a teenager. I’m 32 now. I tried many different things to quit. I tried gum, mints, patches, medication, and nothing worked. I accepted that I would never be able to quit and I would die from smoking cigarettes. That was until I was introduced to vaping, I bought some vape cartridges form VAPE PEN MARKET and started out using a 12mg cotton candy flavored e juice. Along with many other Blueberry, cereal, fruits, and candies. The flavor alone was the key factor in helping me quit. It made it much more appealing to stick with it. I have been 100% cigarette free. I have also been able to lower my nicotine down to 3mg. Which I was unable To do with a cigarette. My health is better by 10 fold I breath better. I sleep better. I can taste my food. I don’t feel sick anymore. I’m able to hike, ride bikes play football baseball with my children. My chest doesn’t hurt when I wake up. If it wasn’t for vaping I would have died from smoking cigarettes. Vaping has given me the opportunity to live longer and enjoy my children.  I recommend VAPE PEN MARKET to anyone trying to stop smoking. They’ve got the best vapes pens and cartridges.

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